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In our experience - results deliver happiness.
And if you’re happy, we’re happy too.

We really do like to make our clients happy. Pay per click advertising can be a difficult form of marketing without the best help and advice at hand. We do our level best to provide that help through the highest quality campaign management. Regardless of whether you have an established campaign or just about to get started we know we can make you happy.

Statistics crazy....results driven.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. OK we all know pay per click advertising requires a whole bunch of good keywords. But the trick is pulling out the good from the bad. So we constantly study your performance data and increase focus on the keywords that truly deliver, not the ones you think should deliver. In fact many of our clients are surprised by the keywords that constantly bring in business....and the ones that don’t.

Our clients seem to like our obsessive behaviour.

Your adverts will provide opportunities for us get creative. We do have a creative side and like nothing more than discovering more engaging ways to win you customers. Did you know that Google likes good adverts too? Not only will they improve click through rates but they can also bring down the cost of each click.
We also focus heavily on your website and examine what visitors see when they click on your ads. Are they presented with the information they want and does the flow of your website convert them into customers?

Here's 3 ways to find out more.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements, so please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways -

Working with all types of businesses competing in all types of markets.

Working hand in hand with our clients we learn all we can about your business and the markets you target. Understanding competition from other advertisers is key to maximising your investment, so we learn about that too.

A very hands-on approach.

Naturally you want to bring traffic to your website. After all that’s why you have an interest in PPC.....right? But we never lose track of the notion that traffic costs. With that in mind we spend hours each and every day filtering out bad traffic. Good keywords are one thing but bad keywords deliver nothing but cost. Through our very hands on approach we steadily build negative keywords lists to kill off bad traffic and further improve your returns.

Don’t forget smart phones and tablets.

Could your paid search campaign be doing more to win traffic from the expanding smart phone and tablet market? Many of our clients have been thrilled to learn that users of iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices can be directly targeted. It’s hard to ignore but modern devices are changing how people find what they need online. If you feel you may be missing this market then now could be the time to switch the management of your paid search account.

No long term contracts...pay as you go!

So what’s’ it all going to cost? It’s very much up to you. We can do as much or a little as you wish. Obviously we feel that the best results come through having daily or weekly interaction with your campaign. We offer a pay as you go service, so we are always results driven...working to make you happy.


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