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When we say Online Marketing in general we mean anything not covered by the services we provide through SEO, PPC and Social Media. We are happy for you to challenge us in any area of internet based marketing. Email campaign management is one particular area in which we are well experienced. Having designed and managed a whole range of different email projects over the years, we feel we know just a little bit about them. All the email campaigns we manage are designed and personalised to captivate your target audience and best deliver your marketing message. We are happy to work with your own mailing lists or help you locate good quality lists form third parties. We’ll provide feedback concerning the number of recipients who open, click or unsubscribe, giving us statistics to help improve subsequent email. Like much of what we do, we are lead by good quality data.

Using well targeted lists is the real key to the success of any email campaign. If the list is good, email can be a great marketing tool, which can reach a group of people who you know are most likely to have interest in your products or services.

Assuming the email acts to drive website traffic we’ll incorporate ways to monitor links through to your site, which can feed through to your website analytical software. We believe this gives you the best way to evaluate how your campaign is performing and help us both strive for yet more traffic.

We can help to design targeted landing pages, not only for email or but also for PPC campaigns. Such pages can also be created to improve search rankings or to obtain a stronger conversion rate from your visitors.

Why not put us to the test? We’ll do our level best to give you good honest answers to your questions and provide a competitive, efficient service. Don’t forget, we keep things simple here at Zoom Online.

Just call or submit you details through the form above.

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